Welcome to raytech wholesale department.


We are NZ leading laptop parts direct importer, distributor and reseller.

To be eligible for a credit account, you need to have a purchase history at Raytech Ltd over two months and total purchased amount over $1500.

Click here for our Credit Account application form. Fill it and send it back to sales@raytechnz.com


If you have any enquires please contact our wholesale department staff
Wholesale Manager Andrew sales@raytechnz.com                          09-4410103
 Account&Sales Manager Iren account.s@raytechnz.com                   09-4141832
IT technician Allen ra@raytechnz.com                               09-4141831
Warehouse Stone warehouse@raytechnz.com                   09-4141836
Wholesale Consultant Lydia tmsales@raytechnz.com                       09-4141830